A Convenient and Enjoyable Way to a Healthy and Youthful Skin

A Convenient and Enjoyable Way to a Healthy and Youthful Skin

A Convenient and Enjoyable Way to a Healthy and Youthful Skin

Are you tired to cook or prepare different kinds of healthy dishes just to complete your daily nutritional needs? Juicing your fruit and vegetable recipe of the day is a lot easier and more convenient than cooking different recipes that will possibly destroy the nutritional content of the food. Do you want to have a healthy diet using those nutrition-packed root crops but don’t like their earthy taste? Juicing the root vegetables and adding some delicious healthy fruits to eliminate the earthy flavor are the best solution to your problem.  Are you skipping your daily fruit and vegetable intake because of your busy schedule? Why not try juicing them, put it in your tumbler, and go off to work so you won’t be late. A juicing diet plan is not only a healthy choice in keeping your body healthy but it is also the most suitable and enjoyable diet plan there is for most people.

Juicing enables to extract the nutritious juice from the vegetable or fruit by means of a juicer. In juicing, it will only take minutes to get your healthy foods to be prepared. You could also enjoy by mixing different fruits and vegetables according to your nutrition needs that day. Juicing also preserve the essential “food enzymes” contained in the fresh vegetables and fruits which are just destroyed during cooking. The fiber content of the raw vegetable is separated from other micronutrients during juicing process resulting to light feel when consuming the juice. Our digestive system will take only less time in consuming food in liquid form thus energy is conserved and body cells have time to relax. As it is digested easily, the vital micronutrients in the food are also easily transported and mixed in the blood for circulation which results to a strong immune system.

The convenience brought by juicing is one of the main factors on why it is patronized by many health conscious people. Juicing is also a natural way to be beautiful. Having the freedom to mix fruits and veggies containing different vitamins and minerals combined in one juice is good news to all women who wanted to maintain their youthful skin and glow. The juice will easily detoxify your body from harmful toxins you consumed when eating junk foods, take outs or beer with just a small effort. Together with the proper daily exercise, the juicing diet will be an effective immune booster keeping your body healthy and safe from possible diseases in the environment.

Here is an example of a juice recipe that includes fruits and veggies vital to achieve a healthy and youthful-looking skin.


  • 1 piece of large green Apple                       (Apples are rich in antioxidants that protect and repair

damaged skin cells and tissues preventing the formation

  • of wrinkles or blemishes.)

  • 1 piece medium Cucumber                          (Cucumber is necessary for skin hydration and also an

    • outstanding source of silica. Silica improves the skin


  • sliced Papaya (remove seeds)                    (Papayas are rich in Papain which is known to cure

various skin ailments.)

  • 5 stalks Celery                                                   (Celery is a good source of many vital minerals for skin

wellness such as Vitamin C, Folic acid, magnesium, etc.)

  • ½ slice Lemon                                                    (Lemon contains great amount of Vitamin C which is

needed for skin cleansing.)

  • 1 piece of small Ginger                                  (Ginger has anti-inflammatory elements and

antioxidants that promotes an even and smooth skin



Add all the ingredients in the juicer and start the juicing process. You can also add some carrots or radish for variation of flavor and additional vitamins and minerals. Mix the juice well and enjoy drinking your age-defying juice.

Always remember that drinking the juice is not enough for a healthy diet, you must also have a proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle. But juicing your favorite veggies and fruits will surely promote a more supple, and age-defied skin even in the busiest days of your life.

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