Juicing Benefits – Better than buying juices from the store

Juicing Benefits – Better than buying juices from the store

Juicing Benefits – Better than buying juices from the store

Juicing benefits relate to drinking freshly made juices as opposed to ones bought in a carton or bottle.


When you buy fruit or vegetable juices in the store they are very rarely 100% pure juice.  They either have other ingredients added to them such as water, sugar and artificial flavourings and/or they have artificial preservatives added to them so that they have a longer shelf life.

On top of this, the source ingredients may have been juiced days/weeks/months (!) ago in a factory.  There is no law to say that a manufacturer has to write on the label when the juice was manufactured.

I personally do not want to put anything in my body that is not natural.  That is to say that it must not have any added ingredients such as water, sugar and natural or artificial flavourings because these are bulking agents and are designed to reduce costs for the companies, not to enhance my health.

Just to be clear, this was not always the case.  I used to drink my fair share of store bought juices.

However, now my preference is to make my own juices.

Juicing benefits include gaining complete knowledge of what you are drinking, access to better nutrients, less stress on your digestive system, nutrients are absorbed very quickly by the body, it balances out the body’s pH level (is alkalising) and depending what you juice, it is very hydrating.

It does take some investment of time and money (to buy the juicer) but in my opinion the benefits far outweigh these minor inconveniences.  Besides, after a while it becomes a routine you look forward to as opposed to a chore that you have to force yourself to do.

Juicers are not expensive either.  Yes, they can be, and I have bought one but if you are not sure, you can invest in a cheaper juicer.  The juice output will not be as good, but it will be a lot better than any of those cartons or bottles.

When you make fresh natural juices, you have to drink them straight away to get the maximum benefit from them.  This is because once made it will react with the air and oxidise.  Oxidation will result in some nutritional value being lost.  You know how an apple will turn slightly brown after it is cut and left out.  The same thing happens to the juice.  So it is best to drink it straight away or soon after.  If it is being made for later, make sure you refrigerate it and drink itthe same day.

When out and about or in a restaurant check what you are buying.  Check the labels and crucially, ask your server if the juice is freshly squeezed on the premises or comes from a carton.  If it is not freshly squeezed on the premises, consider getting a water!


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