Noni juice benefits – A great way to start your day! Juicing Benefits

Noni juice benefits – A great way to start your day! Juicing Benefits

Noni juice benefits – A great way to start your day! Juicing Benefits

Noni juice benefits are far and wide because it contains many vitamins and minerals. So much so that it is called a superfood. In fact the native healers of Polynesia have been using noni as a natural medicine for thousands of years.


Noni increases the effect of the human immune system because it stimulates white blood cells. It contains long chain sugars called polysaccharides which increases the power of white blood cells helping them perform their function better.

The juice has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties so will combat free radicals, increase skin elasticity and health, aid digestion and help detoxify the blood. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Noni juice comes from noni fruit which originally comes from Polynesian countries such as Tahiti. It is now grown in most parts of the tropics such as Australia, Hawaii and Florida.

The noni tree matures in a one and a half years and then it bears fruit every month. This is what is referred to as an evergreen perennial. During its maturation process, the fruit is firstly green, then yellow and then it turns white when it is ripe.

It is actually a very simple process to make noni juice from noni fruit. The fruit is first fermented where the sugars are converted into ethanol with lactic acid as the by-product. The fermentation process can take up to two months. After fermentation it is cold pressed to obtain the juice. Cold pressed means that when mechanically ‘pressed’ the item is not heated above 80 degrees F/27 degrees C.

It takes roughly 20 pounds/9 Kg of fruit to obtain 1 pound/0.5 liters of juice. This may not seem like a very good ratio, but because the plant is a perennial it gives a lot of fruit throughout the year on a monthly basis therefore it is still economical.

After fermentation the juice can taste a bit sour. To make the drink more palatable, some manufacturers add other juices to it. A couple of common examples are grape and cranberry juice. If you purchase pure noni juice you could mix other juices at home too without reducing the beneficial properties.

How much noni juice should someone take as a daily guideline?

Noni juice is not the same as other fruit juices such as orange juice or apple juice, hence the quantity consumed should be a lot less. 30ml once or twice a day is fine. You should preferably take it on an empty stomach so first thing in the morning is a good time to kickstart your healthy day.

Be sure to consult your doctor if you have any doubts or concerns before taking noni juice to combat any illness you may have.


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