Step-by-Step Guide in Creating your Own Juicing Recipes

Step-by-Step Guide in Creating your Own Juicing Recipes

Step-by-Step Guide in Creating your Own Juicing Recipes

Due to the extraordinary health benefits of juicing your fruits and vegetables, you can create your own juice recipes by just combining and mixing two or more of these healthy foods. With this habit of experimenting, you can have various juice recipes that will make you fully enjoy your juices in a refreshing way and you can easily incorporate them in your daily meal. This article will guide you step by step in creating your own delicious and healthy juice recipes for your advantage.

Blender Vs Juicer

Before we proceed on creating your recipes, you must first learn how to separate blenders from juicers. One common error of people is they use blender first before they begin juicing. They did not realize that these two totally different machines have separate functions. Squeezing the juice out of the fruit is the main function of juicers while the blenders are used to combine two or more ingredients together producing a thick juice becauseof the amount of water and fiber included in the recipe. So if you want a refreshing drink without seeds, skin or rind, then you have to use a juicer.

Preparing your Juice

The best fruit-vegetable recipes for juicing relies on how healthy they are, what are the nutrients you want to achieve, your juicing experience, your chosen vegetables and fruits, and your preference and taste. You may want to prefer vegetables and fruits that produce much water. You must avoid fruits like avocados and bananas sine they do not have enough water for juicing.

Fruits and Vegetables are Healthy

All these vegetables and fruits have vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that are beneficial to achieve a healthy diet. Vegetables are low in sugar so if you have diabetes, then you should have more vegetables and add lesser amount of fruit in your juice. Lush vegetables such as kales, collard and spinach are rich in nutrients and have phytonutrients that can help you fight diseases and aging.

So if you are just a beginner, make sure to start with small amount and then gradually increase it as your body gets familiar with the juices. Regular bowel movement should also be monitored but don’t be alarmed because it is a sign that toxins are being released outof your body. Lush veggies can be bitter so you can try to use cucumber, celery or fruits such as citrus and berries to minimize the bitter flavor.

Mix and Combine

One great thing about juicing is you have the freedom to combine the fruits or vegetables you want. You just have to make use of your personal taste. So make sure to taste each of the ingredients and decide which of them will taste delicious together. You can also make use of herbs like cilantro and parsley or even use ginger or garlic for some spice. If you want to achieve a sweeter taste, you can make use of stevia and honey. Experimenting with your ingredients makes this healthyjuicea delicious and enjoyable experience.

Before putting your ingredients in your juicer, it is advisable to chop them down so the juice can easily be extracted. Also your juicer will not have a hard time squeezing everything out of the whole large fruit or vegetable. Another thing to keep in mind is to remove the skins and seeds. If you are using citrus fruits, make sure to remove the peel but make sure to leave enough as it also contains nutrients.

One can achieve a long list of their juicing recipes depending on how willing and creative you are to experiment with your fruits and veggies.Through this, you can have a healthy and delicious drink for your balanced and healthy diet.

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