The Juice to Boost Your Energy

The Juice to Boost Your Energy

The Juice to Boost Your Energy

Juicing is an effective way to regain your body driven by stress from daily work and extra activities. This convenient diet will help you start having a healthy lifestyle together with proper workout and balanced meals. It is not only easy to follow; it is also proven itself to be beneficial in having a glowing skin, boosted immune system, stronger body that is free from diseases, fit body figure, and of course, the energy to keep the mind and body going.

A juicing diet for energy boosting is one of the popular reasons people say when asked why they go juicing. Green juices provide your body the essential nutrition it craves for enhancing brain and physical power. Instead of drinking coffee right after getting up from bed, try to drink green juice. Green vegetables contain green pigments or chlorophyll which helps in oxygenating the blood in our body resulting to increased brain function and physical energy. Juicing would also assist your body in detoxification from free radicals preventing you to feel lame and sluggish during the day. Drinking green juices will also help you get a decent sleep during the night.

When feeling sick and you don’t have the appetite to eat any kind of food but you need to, juicing could be your best medicine. The juice will be digested easier than solid food giving your body more time to rest and make well. Fatigue that is primarily caused by dehydration will be gone after drinking the juice as it will effectively replenish your body and bring the PH balance back into its normal level. Just right after having the juice, you could already feel the energy getting back to your system.

Here is an example juicing recipe for energy boosting.


  • 2 pieces of Apples                           (Apple contains fructose which is responsible for the energy

boost. It also contains carbohydrates which are the main fuel

for the body.)

  • 4 pieces of Carrots                           (Carrots are good source of the antioxidant called

Beta-Carotene which will help in strengthens the immune

system, giving the body the energy and lively mood.)

  • 1 handful of Parsley                        (Parsley is a powerful source of phyto-chemicals and one of the

highest source of ‘life-giving” chlorophyll that oxygenates blood.)

  • 1 or 2 stalks of broccoli                   (Broccoli contains vitamin C and other minerals that can soothe

adrenaline stress.)


  • Clean the fruits by coring the apples and washing them thoroughly
  • You may or may not cut off the top of the carrots (it’s up to you)
  • Put the ingredients altogether in the juicer and start juicing
  • Drink immediately

There is a wide range of variations in choosing your juicing diet recipe. You must be patient in enthusiastic in finding the one that would suit your needs and taste buds. Remember, juicing is just there to support you in having a healthy body; a balanced meal and proper exercise plus juicing fresh fruits and veggies will not only boost your energy but also keeps you away from diseases.

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